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Thursday, May 20, 2010

and I'm still awake because?????????

I can't sleep...again!!!! This has been going on for a while now and it's really annoying. The only thing that helps me is taking a sleeping pill. Usually by the time I am done doing things around the house, for everyone in the house, it's too late for me to take the damn thing. If I took it once I "settled in", I would sleep until around 3 in the afternoon.
I use to love staying up like this when I was younger. My parents would be sound asleep in their room and I would feel like the house was completely mine. If I had a friend over it was even better. It was like we were already grown up and having a "girls night". No rules. Not so fun at the age of 36. Instead of being afraid of my parents waking up because of my friend and I laughing to the point of almost peeing our pants.. I am afraid the kids are going to wake up because the dogs hear a leaf hit one of the garbage cans outside...made of plastic...on the other side of the house.

Right now I am listening to the movie Up in the air with George Clooney. I started out being really into it and then all of a sudden I started making a grocery list in my head....and then I thought... OMG GEORGE CLOONEY IS NOT HOLDING MY ATTENTION!!!!! I can remember when Corey Haim or Kirk Cameron could hold my attention. I am glancing at the very sexy George Clooney and all I could think of was, I need clorox wipes and ant traps. OH! I am glad I am writing this. I also need stain remover for the carpet.
(Glances at the TV) Oh George..... I love ya...but some times you can't compete with heavy traffic areas.

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